Introduction to Schemes

Schemes provide a mechanism for defining drawing properties, such as fill properties, based on data contained in a table. For example, you may have the word Granite in a lithology keyword column in a table. You can create a lithology keyword scheme that links the name Granite from the column to specific fill properties, line properties, contact line properties, and font properties. When the scheme is assigned to a log in the borehole view or cross section view, every time the word Granite appears in the table column, Strater uses the properties assigned in the scheme for the display.


Scheme Requirements

Some log items are dependent on schemes for display. For example, lithology and well construction logs require schemes. Other logs, such as bar logs, can optionally use schemes. Wells layers in a map view and cross section layers in a cross section view optionally use schemes.


Data and Schemes

Since schemes are linked to the data, be sure to understand the data requirements for the type of log being created and the column requirements for the associated scheme type. For example, to use schemes with lithology logs, you must have specific keywords defined in specific columns.


Making a Scheme

The scheme keywords are case-sensitive, so it is advisable to have Strater create the scheme item names using column data in the New Scheme dialog. To do this, click on the table view. Highlight the column that contains the scheme data or keywords and click the Table | Table | Create Scheme command.


Making a scheme is a multi-step process:  

  1. Decide if the scheme will be automatically generated by Strater based on the contents of a column of data in a current data table, or by manually creating the scheme.

  2. Create the Scheme, which defines the basics of the scheme including the name, type, and what data column is associated to the scheme.

  3. Build the scheme in the Scheme Editor, which involves applying properties to each item in the scheme.

  4. Modify the fill and color of the items in the scheme. Schemes that are auto-created include style properties for individual items that may require adjustment to make their appearance the most appropriate for their use in the project.


Scheme Types

There are five main scheme types: Keyword, Range, Lithology Keyword, Indent Keyword, and Well Construction. The settings for each scheme item vary depending on the scheme type.



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