Click the File | Options command to change the program options, such as ruler display when to update, default line, fill, symbol, font, or format properties. These properties are shared by all objects that use the specific format. For example, if you change the line color, all new line/symbol logs, drawn polygons, polylines, and borders will use the new line color.


Options Dialog

Click the File | Options command to open the Options dialog. Use the Options dialog to set preferences for general options (general and update settings), environment options (display, rulers, and grids settings), and defaults (line, fill, symbol, font, and format settings). Change the listed option as desired and click OK to save your changes.



Select the options type on the left side of the Options dialog to display the following options.



Set general application features such as undo levels, default paths, inclination/dip, etc.


Set update settings and check for updates.

User Interface

Set user interface settings such as style, tab style, page units, show tips, etc.


Set the selection handle size.


Set antialiasing options.

Horizontal Rulers and Grid

Set the horizontal rulers and grid options.

Vertical Rulers and Grid

Set the vertical rulers and grid options.

Default Properties

Sets basic default properties for Line, Fill, Symbol, Font, Label, and Pane Line options.


Expanding Options

Click the button to the left of an option to expand the detailed options.


Condensing Options

Click the button to the left of an option to condense the detailed options.


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