Property Manager

The Property Manager allows you to edit the properties of an object. See the specific online help topic for the object you have selected for more information on the properties unique to that object.


Opening and Closing the Property Manager

The Property Manager is opened and closed with the View | Managers | Property command. You can also click in the title bar of the Property Manager to close it.


Opening and Closing Sections

Click the appropriate tab to open pages in the tab view.


In both tab and horizontal views, individual sections can be expanded or collapsed. A or is located to the left of the name if the section can be expanded or collapsed. To expand the section, click the , click the section name and press the plus key ( + ) on the numeric keypad, or press the right arrow key on your keyboard. To collapse a section, click the , click the section name and press the minus key ( - ) on the numeric keypad, or press the left arrow key.


Display info area

To display an area with field hints check the Show property manager info area check box in the Options dialog User Interface page.  When a field or label is selected a hint describing the function or type of data is displayed:


Right-click and select Display info area to show hints about

the currently highlighted field in the Property Manager.


Keyboard Commands

When working with the Property Manager the up and down ARROW keys move up and down in the Property Manager list. The ENTER key activates the highlighted property. The right arrow key expands collapsed sections (i.e. Fill Properties) and the left arrow collapses the section.


Changing Properties

The Property Manager displays the properties for selected objects. For example, this selected well selector line has Style, Color, Foreground Opacity, Width, Start Style, End Style, and Scale properties.

Change any of the properties for

the object in the Property Manager.


To change a property, click the property's value and select a new property from the pop-up box, scroll to a new number using the buttons, or type new numbers or text. The method used to change a property depends on the property type. In the polyline example, changing the color requires clicking  the current color box and selecting a new color from the color palette; changing the width requires typing a new number or scrolling to a new number. When you type the new number, press ENTER  or click somewhere in the Property Manager to make the change permanent.


Occasionally, some properties are dependent on other selections. For example, in the fill properties there is a Scale option. This option is disabled (grayed out) unless you have selected an image fill type as the Pattern and Cover Areas By set to Tile.


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