View Tab Commands

The following is a list of the View tab commands. Note that many of the View tab commands are disabled when in the table view.


Fit Page

Scales the current borehole view (all panes) to exactly fit in the borehole window.

Fit Pane to Window

Scales the current pane (header, footer, or log) to exactly fit in the borehole view.


Zoom in


Zoom out


Zoom to the selected object


Zoom realtime


Zoom to a rectangle


Pan across the borehole view


Refresh the image on screen

Auto Redraw

Turn redraw on and off


Turn the display of the page rulers on or off

Drawing Grid

Turn the display of the drawing grid on or off

Status Bar

Show or hide the status bar

View Properties

Display the borehole view properties, map view properties, or cross section view properties in the Property Manager

Show/Hide All Tables

Displays or hides all the document tabs for the tables in the project


Open or close the Object Manager,  View Manager, Table Manager or Property Manager

Show/Hide All

Turn on or off the display of all managers


Arrange document windows in an overlapping view

Arrange Icons

Automatically arrange minimized windows at the bottom of the application window

Reset Windows

Reset window display to the default layout

Tile Horizontal

Arrange windows horizontally with no overlapping

Tile Vertical

Arrange windows vertically with no overlapping



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