There are several table types in Strater: collars, depth, interval, and text item. There are also a few specialized table types based on the four main table types: lithology, project settings, survey table, and well construction. Most of these table types contain required columns. For example, interval tables require From and To depth or elevation columns.


Creating New Tables

To create a new table select Home | New | Table or  click . The Create New Table dialog opens. You can add data to the new table by clicking its tab and selecting File | Import.


Data Organization

The data to be represented in boreholes needs to be in column and row (record) format.



Each column contains three properties: a name, description, and units. The description and units are optional for every column.


If a column is required for a particular table type, for example the To column in an interval table, the column name cannot be changed. However, optional column names can be changed. If the Column Name has a gray background in the Column Editor, the column is required and the name cannot be changed.


Columns can be added and deleted by either selecting Data | Edit | Append or selecting a row, right-clicking, and selecting Append Column.



Typically, each row in the data is devoted to a depth or an interval in the borehole. Rows can be added by clicking the Data | Edit | Insert command, right-clicking and selecting the Insert Rows command, or by typing data into a new row.


Schemes and Tables

Strater uses schemes when "linking" the data in a table to a borehole design. A scheme associates information from the data table (such as text entries (keywords) or number ranges) with fill properties, line properties, font properties, etc. When Strater locates a keyword or number range in the column, the borehole is assigned the keyword or number range properties for the depth, interval, or well construction item. Scheme item names can be automatically created with Table | Table | Create Scheme.


Data Selection

Use the cursor to drag and select any number of conterminous cells and rows.


File Formats

Strater can read numerous file formats such as data files (including Excel spreadsheets and ASCII text files), databases, and LAS files. Strater can also link to virtually any database system installed on your computer using the Data Link Source.


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