Strater® Help

There are several ways to obtain help in Strater:


Getting Help from the Help Menu

Within Strater, the online help file is opened through Home | Help | Contents or Home | Help | Tutorial. Alternatively, press F1 at anytime to open the help. You can navigate help using the Contents, Index, Search, and Favorites pages in the navigation pane to the left of the topic page.


Navigating the Help

The navigation pane shows the Contents, Index, Search, and Favorites pages. The navigation page is displayed by default. The navigation pane can be displayed with the button and hidden with the button.


Internet Help Resources

There are several Internet help resources.


Obtaining Information on Dialogs and Commands

To obtain information about dialogs or highlighted commands:


Strater Overview

For general information on Strater, select Introduction to Strater, Borehole View,  Creating a Borehole, and Log Items.



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