Export - Table View

With a table view selected, click the File | Export Data | Worksheet command to export the current table into one of several common data file types.


To export a table in .SDG format click the  File | Save or File | Save As commands.


To export the data in a table:

  1. Click the File | Export Data | Worksheet command.  The Save As dialog opens.

  2. Set the Save in field to the folder where you want to save the data.

  3. Enter a File name for the new data file.

  4. Set the Save as type to the desired type of file to save. The default type is .XLS.  File types include .BLN, .BNA, .CSV, .DAT, . SLK, .TXT, .XLS, and .XLSX.

  5. Click Save and the data is saved to the file.


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