Welcome to Strater Dialog

When Strater is first opened, the Welcome to Strater dialog appears. The Welcome to Strater dialog provides a way to start Strater in your desired method. The dialog reappears every time Strater opens.


The Welcome to Strater dialog appears when you open Strater.


New Options

The New list, on the left side of the dialog, controls the method that this instance of Strater will begin with.


Click any of the buttons to open Strater using the method described below.


Files List and Preview

The Files list, in the middle of the dialog, contains options to open specific files. Click the current file type selection and select the desired file type from the list. Available options are Recent Files, Sample Files, Project Files, and Browse. Select the desired option and the list updates to show all files in the selected type.

Click a file name to select to file. A preview of the selected file is displayed for Strater project .SDG files. The selected file can be opened by clicking the Open button. Click on another file or press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW keys to change the file selection.


Project Folder

Clicking the Set Project Folder button opens the Select Folder dialog. The Browse for Folder dialog will open for Windows XP users. The selected directory is used for the Project Files file list. The Project Folder can also be changed in the Options dialog. If the Project Folder specification is removed in the Options dialog, the Windows default (C:\Users\<username>\Documents) folder is used until a new project folder is selected.



After clicking on a file in the file type list, click the Open button to open the selected file. The Welcome to Strater dialog closes and the action is performed. The Open button is disabled until a file is selected in the Files list. To open a file that is not located in any of the lists select Browse in the file type list.



The Welcome to Strater dialog displays a useful tip on the right side of the dialog.


Start with the Tutorial

Click the Tutorials button to start Strater with a new empty borehole view and the help open to the Tutorial Introduction topic.


Turn Welcome Dialog Off

The Show this dialog at start up check box is checked by default. Click the Show this dialog at startup to remove the check and open Strater without the Welcome to Strater dialog in all future instances. After closing Strater and reopening, the Welcome to Strater dialog will not be displayed.


This option can be changed by clicking the Options command. In the Options dialog, click on User Interface on the left side. On the right side, check the box next to Show welcome screen at startup. Click OK and the next time Strater is opened, the Welcome to Strater dialog is displayed.



Click the Close button to close the Welcome to Strater dialog without selecting any option. Strater will start with an empty borehole view.



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