Click the File | Open command, click the button, or press CTRL+O on the keyboard to open a Strater project .SDG file, Strater .TSF template file, or a worksheet file. Select the file in the Open dialog and the new project opens. When a project opens, the borehole views, cross section views, map views, and data table tabs that were visible when the SDG was saved are opened. The views and tables that were hidden when the SDG was saved are hidden when the project is opened.


The Open Dialog

Use the File | Open command to open an existing Strater project or template file or any worksheet file.


Click on the desired file name in the Open dialog.


Look In

The Look in field shows the current folder. Click the down arrow to choose a new folder. Click on the folders to change directories.


The buttons to the right of the Look in field allow you to create new folders and change the view of the file list.


File List

The File list displays files in the current folder. The current folder is listed in the Look in field. The Files of type field controls the display of the file list. To see all files in the folder, choose All Files (*.*) from the Files of type list. Double-click on a file to open it or single click the file and then click the Open button.


File Name

The File name field shows the name of the selected file. You can also type a path and file name into the box to open a file


Files of Type

The Files of type field shows the file format to be opened. To change the file format click the down arrow and select the file type from the list. All Files (*.*) display all files in a folder.


Use Open Table

The Use Open Table list is displayed when the Open dialog is accessed via one of the Log | Create Log commands, the Map | Create | Well Map command, or the Map | Add | Well Layer command. To use an open table for the log or well map, click the table name in the Use Open Table list. Only table types that are supported for the selected log type are displayed in the Use Open Table list when creating a new log. Only open collars tables are included in the Use Open Table list when creating a new well map or well layer.


Load Database

Click the Load Database button in the Open dialog to open the data linking function. Data linking provides a method to link to virtually any database supported by Microsoft via an OLE DB Provider, ODBC, or some other supported format. Set the database information in the dialogs Data Link Properties, Database Tables and Fields, and Specify Data Type and Column Positions.


Open Multiple Sheets or Multiple Data Files

The File | Open command opens a single worksheet in a new table. Click the File | Open Multiple command to open multiple data files into multiple tables. Click the File | Import command in an existing table to import a single data file into an existing table. File | Import also allows multiple sheets from a single data file to be imported at once.


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