Tabbed Documents

Each tab represents a view window or a table.  To select a tab to view, click the tab name. To close a tab, right-click and select Close or click the X next to the tab name. The tab is no longer displayed. This does not delete the information on the tab; this action simply removes a tab from display. To display the tab again click the View | Display | Show All Tables command, click on the view window name in the View Manager, or click on the table name in the Table Manager.


To delete the tab and all information contained in the view or table from a project, right-click on the tab and select Delete. Alternatively, click the Table | Table | Delete command, right-click on the view name in the View Manager and select Delete, or right-click on the table name in the Table Manager and select Delete.


Rename a view window or table by right-clicking the document tab and selecting Rename. You may also rename a table by right-clicking the table in the Table Manager and selecting Rename or by clicking the Table | Table | Rename command. You may also rename a view by right-clicking the view in the View Manager and selecting Rename.


Tab Colors

Each type of window displays the name of the window on the tab in a different color. Borehole views are displayed with blue text, map views are displayed with red text, cross section views are displayed with green text, and tables are displayed with black text. This can be changed from the File | Options dialog in the Display section.


Change Order of Tabs

You can change the order of tabs by clicking on the tab name. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the tab to the desired location in the tab array.

Select the tab to move by clicking it and not releasing the mouse button.


Drag the tab to the desired location and release the mouse button.


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