GPX GPS Exchange Format File Format Description

GPS Exchange Format files, GPX files, are created by GPS devices. GPS Exchange Format files can be imported or used as a base layer in a map.


File Structure

GPX files are XML format text files. The .GPX files can contain way points, routes, tracks, and various attribute information. GPX files use the World Geodetic System 1984 coordinate system.

Loading a GPX

Use the File | Import command to import the GPX file as drawn objects in the borehole, map, or cross section view. The way points, routes, and tracks in a GPX file are imported into a single group when the Import command is used.  Use the Map | Create | Base Map or Map | Add | Base Layer command to add the GPX file as a georeferenced base layer.


Import Options

No import options dialog is displayed.


Export Options

Currently .GPX files cannot be exported.



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