Specify Data Type and Column Positions

The Specify Data Type and Column Position dialog is used to define the table type and match the data to the table's required columns.


Set the Data type and columns in the Specify Data Type and Column Positions dialog.


Data Table Preview

The Data Table Preview section displays the data contents.


Data Type

The data should fall into one of six types of tables: Depth (Single Depth), Interval (From-To), Lithology, Well Construction, Collars, Survey, or Text (General). Select the desired table type. Notice that the Specify Column Definitions change based on the type of table selected. To set the type, click on the existing type and select the desired table type from the list. A description of the selected type appears to the right of the Data type list.


Specify Column Definitions

Once the data type is determined in the Data type section, the required data column for the data type are shown in the Specify Column Definitions section. Match the data to the columns for the table type. Each column definition can be set to any column in the file by clicking on the existing column name and selecting the desired column from the list. If a column should not be imported, select [Unspecified]. The column is created, but contains no data. If you are unsure which column is appropriate for a required column definition you can select the [Unspecified] option and make the selection after the data appears in a table.

All other data are imported into columns with the column title indicated in the Specify Worksheet Column Definitions or Database Tables and Fields dialogs.


Data Column

When a line/symbol, zone bar, bar, post, classed post, complex text, or graphic log is selected before the Specify Data Type and Column Positions dialog appears, an extra Data column is available. Click on the existing column name and select the desired column from the list. The log type is automatically created with the Data Column set to the selected column. If left to [Auto], the first column of data is displayed for the log.



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