File Menu Commands

The File menu has the following commands:


New Project

Creates a new project


Opens an existing project or template or opens a worksheet into a new table view

Open Multiple Data Files

Open multiple data files into separate tables


Closes the project (all tabs)


Saves the project

Save As

Saves the project with a new name or as a template

Import Graphic

Imports a graphic file to a pane (Not available from the table view)

Import Data

Imports data into the active table (Not available from the borehole, map, or cross section view)


Export graphic files, export multiple logs, or export to LAS (Not available from the table view)

Export Data

Export the active table to a data file, export to a multi-sheet XLSX file, or export the XYZ data (Not available from the borehole, map, or cross section view)


Prints the active view

Print Multiple Logs

Prints out multiple logs using different data

Page Setup

Formats the view page for printing when clicked with a borehole, map, or cross section view active (Not available from the table view)


Adjust global settings used throughout Strater

Customize Ribbon

Customize the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and keyboard shortcuts


Includes commands to check for updates or open the Golden Software home page, Strater product page, frequently asked questions, and knowledge base


Send feedback to Golden Software in the form of a problem report, suggestion, or information request

About Strater

Displays program information

Recent Documents

Displays the most recently used files

Search Commands

Begin typing a command name to search for Strater commands.


Closes Strater


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