LizardTech MrSID .SID Import Options Dialog

Strater can import LizardTech MrSID .SID image files. The SID Image Import Options dialog is displayed when importing SID files.



Customize the SID pixel reduction, import region, or read-only import in the SID Image Import Options dialog.


Image Preview

The preview section displays a picture of the area to be imported. The preview section contains a low resolution preview of the area. The cursor coordinates are displayed in pixel coordinates and in map coordinates, when available.


Import Region

The region for import can be selected in the image preview or in the Region selected for import section. The initial region includes the entire image extents. Type a value in pixels into the Top, Left, Right, and Bottom fields to specify the imported region. The yellow outline in the image preview is updated as the values are changed.


Pixel Reduction

Since some SID images can be extremely large once expanded into memory, the import filter allows the image to be reduced in dimensions by 1/2 to 1/32 of the original size via the options in the SID Image Import Options dialog. Choose from 1/1 (Uses the most memory, best quality), 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, to 1/32 (Uses the least memory, lowest quality). The Final dimensions field displays the final dimensions of the imported region. The Estimated size field displays the estimated image size in Megabytes (MB).


Read-only Import

The Full resolution read-only 'on-the-fly' MrSID image option imports the full MrSID file in its native form as a highly-compressed, read-only image. If a portion of the image is needed for display or output, the necessary portion is extracted and decompressed "on the fly." This option provides quick import and interactive panning and zooming without using large amounts of RAM or disk space. However once an image is imported with Full resolution read-only 'on-the-fly' MrSID image checked, the image cannot be modified.



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